Cube Table
materials: baltic birch ply, Walnut
measurements: 16” wide x 16” deep x 18” tall
The recesses are all about 9” deep. The vertical one is for magazines or books, the smaller horizontal ones are for remote controls, an ipod, a pad and paper, a sandwich, whatever.
Marlo consoles
materials: vary; pictured here is Philippines mahogany
measurements: vary; generally 30” high x 28” wide x 11” deep
console tables inspired by a
drawing by lori pomeranz and named after marlo thomas’
hairdo in the television show
That Girl.
cardboard mod’s
materials: corrugated cardboard,
ebonized red oak legs
mod #1 (trapezoid): 24” wide x
18” deep x 19” tall
mod #2 (semicircle): 27” wide x
18” deep x 21” tall
scrap end tables
materials: salvaged lumber,
                 walnut pegs
measurements: 3-tier is 29” long
                       x12” wide x 19”
           2-tier is 29” long x12”
                        wide x 16” tall
all materials are re-used
salvaged lumber and scraps
from various projects
his and hers bedside tables
materials: baltic birch plywood
measurements: 20” wide x 16” deep x
                      21” high
features: chrome drawer pulls, full
               extension drawers
coffee table
materials: baltic birch plywood
measurements: 14” wide x 60” long x
                       16” tall
features: six stainless steel castors
O console
materials: baltic birch plywood
measurements: 50” wide x 9” deep x
                      30” tall
dining / conference table
materials: Auraco plywood, steel base
dimensions: 144” long x 48” wide x
                  30” tall
child’s writing desk and chair
materials: north carolina ash, wenge splines
Table is 30” high x 22” wide x 10” deep
Chair is 16” high (seat), 30” high (back)  
             x10” wide x 9” deep
embla console desk
materials: baltic birch ply
measurements: 60” long x 12” deep x 30” tall
designed as a 12-year-old’s first
homework desk