box box bookshelves
materials: ash, ebonized red oak
measurements: 22” wide x12” deep x
                      57” tall
fits 26” linear inches of books, in three
compartments of varying heights and depths
box box wall shelf
materials: ash, ebonized Philippines
measurements: 32” wide x 7” deep x
                       7” tall
a fun little shelf for an entryway or
hallway, almost completely functionless except for holding a day’s mail, your keys, or a pair of sunglasses
H / I shelf
materials: ebonized red oak
measurements: 29” tall x 29” wide x
                       7” deep
designed to hang on the wall in
either the H or I orientation
keys shelf with bud vase
materials: zebrawood,
                glass test tube
measurements: 9” wide x 4.5” deep x
                      1” tall
i love this little piece. it’s a great excuse to always have a cut flower around, and people who’ve bought them swear they really do keep their keys on it.
Mod Tansu
materials: Cherry, Maple, ash, Mahogany,
               Plywood, Walnut, VG Fir, Ebony
measurements: 38” wide x 21” deep x
                      31” tall
Completely modular, this piece can stack in a variety of configurations. Each box is of a different wood species, and the joinery on each box is different.
Alcove Shadow Boxes
materials: Cherry, Maple, Walnut,
                Purpleheart, Ash
measurements: vary
A play on the classic shadowbox