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materials: vary
measurements: vary
The storyboxes are sentimental boxes that act as breadbox-sized scrapbooks. They’re secular reliquaries for sentimentally important texts and objects.
The storyboxes can be pre-set with a scroll or can be added to over time by the owner. This way, they can commemorate someone or something or they can celebrate an ongoing event.
They’ve been used as funerary urns, as wedding gifts, as guest books for events, as piggy banks for important papers...
The Storyboxes can be customized in an enormous number of variations. shown here are several ideas, some of which are “one-way boxes,” meaning the paper goes in but never comes out, or “commemorative boxes,” where the paper can be scrolled in and out by the user.
USB Flash Drives
materials: vary
measurements: 3” x 1” x 1/2”
Exotic hardwood shrouds for USB Flash memory drives. Available in various species, and in various drive capacities, from 2 to 64 Gigabytes.