Snake Oil
In the summer of 2008, xom launched a second dinner theater production, Snake Oil, also known as
Our host Professor Hollingsworth (performed by Charles Leggett) is an 1880’s traveling snake-oil salesman, sharing some of the magic potions and spells he has learned from the witch-doctors of the native American tribes. With each potion (tasting) he serves, he casts spell after spell over the assembled crowd.
A portion of the new show received a work-in-progress world premiere at the Smoke Farm in rural Western Washington. Chefs for the initial production included Seth Caswell (Stumbling Goat) and Tamara Murphy (Brasa).
Created by Matthew Richter
Written by Matthew Richter
With additional text by
                    Jodi-Paul Wooster
Directed by Matthew Richter and
                   Jodi-Paul Wooster
Performed by Charles Leggett
Recipes Created by Seth Caswell
With special thanks to Tamara Murphy
                                    Stuart Smithers
                                    Mike Katell